Cool Stuff!

Check these books out!

The Working American Bulldog
by Dave Putnam, Jerome Edward.

American Bulldogs
by John Blackwell.

A Complete History of Fighting Dogs
by Mike Hoban.

Dogs for Dummies
by Gina Spadafori.

Fighting Dog Breeds
by Dieter Fleig.

Great Book! Multi-breed book that goes into the developement of fighting breeds. Interesting section on the Bulldogs of England.

Gladiator Dogs
by Carl Semencic.

History of Fighting Dogs
by Dieter Fleig.

This one is a MUST!

Pit Bulls and Tenacious Guard Dogs
by Carl Semencic.

The Atlas of Dog Breeds of the World
by Bonnie Wilcox, Chris Walkowicz.

World of Fighting Dogs
by Carl Semencic.

Breeding Books

Applied Animal Reproduction
by H. Joe Bearden, John W. Fuquay.

Art and Science of Breeding Dogs
by Ernest Garrison.

The Book of the Bitch: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Caring for Bitches
by J.M. Evans, Kay White.

Born to Win: Breed to Succeed.
by Patricia V. Craige, Laura Luther.

Breeding A Litter: The Complete Book of Prenatal and Postnatal Care
by Beth J. Finder Harris.

The Complete Book of Dog Breeding
by Dan Rice.

Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog
by Malcolm B. Willis.

Genetics of the Dog
by Malcolm B. Willis.

Training Books

A-Z of Dof Training and Behaviour Problems
by Patrick Holden, Kay White.

Advanced Schtzhund.
By, Karen Duet, Ivan balabanov

Good Dog, Bad Dog
by Mordecai Siegal, Matthew Margolis.

How To Be Your Dogs Best Friend
by New Skete Monks, Helen Sherlock.

Schtzhund:Theory and Training Methods.
By, Susan Barwig, Stewart Hilliard

Studies of the French Dog Sports (Ring, Campagne, IPO, Tracking).
By, John A R Jons

Training Dogs For Protection Work
by Fred Mandlick, Marv Gangloff.

Veterinary Books

A-Z of Dog Diseases and Health Problems:
Signs, Diagnosis, Causes, Treatment

by Dick Lane, Neil Ewart.

Allen's Fertility and Obstetrics in the Dog
(Library of Veterinary Practice)

by Gary England.

Dog Owners Home Vererinary Handbook
by Delbert G. Carlson, James M. Giffin.

The Dog Owners Home Vererinary Handbook
by James M. Giffin, Liisa Carlson.

The Merck Veterinary Manula (8th ED.)
by Susan Aiello, et al.

US Davis Book Of Dogs: The Complete Medical Reference Guide For Dogs and Puppies
by School of Veterinary Medicine Staff, Mordecai Siegal

Veterinary Drug Handbook - 864 Pages.
by Donald C. Plumb


Dog Obedience:Expert Advice
For Easy Traning And Care

by Brian Kilcommons.
Format: VHS

Raising Your Dog With The Monks of New Skete
Format: VHS

Uncle Matty's Guide to Doggy Problems
by Matthew Margolis.
Format: VHS

WOOF!:A Guide To Dog Training
by Matthew Margolis.
Format: VHS